The purpose of the journal is to publish original scientific articles that meet the modern requirements of theory and best practice.

The materials published in the journal, reflect first of all the trends and basicdirections of development of land reclamation, recultivationand hydrotechnical and reclamation construction, hydraulics and engineering hydrology, modern forestry.

The journal is of interest to ameliorators, hydraulic technicians and hydropower specialists, water industry specialists, ecologists, forestry workers.

The journal is included in the List of Peer-reviewed scientific publications (HAC) which should publish the main scientific results of the thesis on obtaining a candidate, a doctorate Science degree and specializes in the publication of scientific articles related to the subjects of the following groups of specialties from the Nomenclature of specialties of scientists:

  • 05.23.07 – Hydrotechnical Construction (technical sciences)
  • 05.23.16 - Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology (technical sciences)
  • 06.01.02 - Land reclamation, recultivationand protection (technical sciences)
  • Forestry


Articles and materials are published as they become available. When citing materials of the journal, a reference is required. Reprinting of materials is allowed only by agreement with the editors and authors.

Reviewing process

The Russian State Agrarian University named after C.A. Timiryazev, acting as the founder and publishing organization, undertakes to strictly supervise the published scientific materials. All reviews and scientific articles submitted to the journal's editorial board shall undergo an obligatory one-sided anonymous reviewing: the authors of the manuscript do not know the reviewers and receive a letter with comments signed by the editor-in-chief or his deputy. The review procedure is determined by the editorial board and is not discussed with the authors.

Articles submitted to the editors of the journal «Prirodoobustrojstvo» (Environmental Engineering) are checked by the «Anti-plagiarism» system. If the result of the inspection reveals incorrect borrowings, the article may be rejected.

Free access policy

The journal provides фdirect open access to its content based on the following principle: free, open access to research results enhances global knowledge sharing.

The journal places articles in the scientific electronic library CyberLeninka built on the paradigm of the open science(Open Science),

An internal document setting standards for the ethical conduct of all parties involved in the journal publication (authors, editors of the journal, reviewers, publishing house and scientific society) for the journal«Prirodoobustrojstvo»is the admonition «Ethics of scientific publications in the journal «Prirodoobustrojstvo».


Publications in the journal «Prirodoobustrojstvo» are included in the systems of calculations of indices quoting authors and journals.

The journal is indexed in the systems:

  • The journal «Prirodoobustrojstvo»has been included in the Agris International Base since December 2016.
  • The Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI) is a bibliographic and reference index implemented in the form of a database accumulating information about the publications of Russian scientists in Russian and foreign scientific publications. «Scientific Electronic Library» (elibrary.ru).
  • GrosRef is an international registry of scientific and information materials and related metadata based on the DOI technology.
  • Media Registration Certificate PI No FS 77-58566 of July 14, 2014
  • Circulation: 500 copies. Periodicity: 5 issues per year.

Publishing fee

The publication in the journal «Prirodoobustrojstvo» for authors is free.

The editors do not charge authors for the preparation, placement and printing of materials.

It is distributed by subscription.

For third-party authors, it is obligatory to have a subscription receipt for the journal.

Subscriptions to the journal are available in all post offices in Russia.

The subscription index in the combined catalogue "Press of Russia" is 80746.

On the issues of articles to be publishedplease call: 8 (499) 976-36-67,

е-mail: prirodamgup@mail.ru