Scientific journal "Izvestiya of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy"

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Scientific journal “Izvestiya of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (TAA)” is the first agricultural scientific periodical in Russia established under the aegis of the oldest and leading agricultural higher education institution in the country – Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University. Over the period of 150 years the name of this educational institution (founded in 1865) and the name of the journal changed: from 1878 till 1920 is was known as “Izvestiya of Petrovskaya Academy of Agriculture and Forestry” and “Izvestiya of Petrovskaya Agricultural Academy”, later on and until the present day the name of the journal is “Izvestiya of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy” (“Izvestiya of TAA”). The major objective of the journal is publication of original research papers meeting up-to-date requirements of theory and best practice.

Materials of the journal include the results of experimental, theoretical and methodological research in various fields of knowledge (agriculture, biology, chemistry, and economics) as well as reports containing some practically useful results of current scientific works. Some papers highlight the development of prospective schools and research areas established and supervised by renowned scientists of the university.

The main goal of the journal “Izvestiya of TAA” is to provide promptly full and accurate information to scientists and skilled practitioners in different spheres and sectors of agriculture and agribusiness industry. Editorial board members and editorial staff do their best to ensure the reliability of published information so that this information can comply with high-level requirements imposed by the most sophisticated readers. Close collaborative relationship with notable scientists from universities and research centers in neighboring and distant foreign counties allows us to maintain high professional level of published materials and ensure its relevance.

Preference is given to papers concerning innovative research methods, progressive technologies and management practices, revealing promising areas for scientific and economic development. The journal serves as a means of communication between Russian and foreign scientists, highly qualified experts and novice researchers on challenging issues of agrarian science and production. The periodical focuses on a wide range of scientists, specialists in agribusiness, students, university professors, as well as people who are interested in current agricultural problems.

Articles and materials are published as they are submitted. When citing journal materials, proper references are required. Reprinting of materials is allowed only by agreement with the editors and authors. All materials published in the journal are reviewed. The review procedure is determined by the editors and is not discussed with the authors.

Founder and publisher - Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education "Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University".

The journal and the university cooperate basing on the principles of editorial independence. Editors decide on the publication of certain papers taking into account their quality and relevance to the journal scope without influence from the university.

The journal is presented in Russian and international databases and seeks to gain the right to include a higher percentage of its publications in the leading international databases.

The journal was founded in 1878 and has been continuously published since then.

Circulation: 500 copies. Frequency: 6 issues per year.

Distributed by subscription.

For third-party authors, a journal subscription receipt is required.

Subscription is available at all post offices of Russia.

The subscription index in the combined catalog "Russian Print Media" is 70390.