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Буряков Николай Петрович, д.б.н., профессор

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127550, г. Москва, ул. Тимирязевская, д. 54 (учебный корпус № 11)

Since March 18, 2020, the «Department of Feeding and Breeding Animal» was separated by reorganization and formed the «Department of Animal Feeding».

The head of the department of Animal Feeding is Doctor of Biological Sciences (, professor Nikolay P. Buryakov.

Carry out the educational process on courses of the Department and conduct research highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, which employs 4 professors (1 Academician – member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of Agriculture and Dr. sc. of Economics; 2 Dr sc. of Biological Sciences; 1 Dr. sc. of Agricultural Sciences), 2 associate professors (1 PhD in Agriculture, 1 PhD in Biology), 1 lecturer (PhD in Biology) and 1 assistant.

The Department trains students of study full-time and part-time, on bachelor's, master's and specialty programs, trainings in the major of «Animal Science», «Biology», «Sanitary and veterinary expertise», «Veterinary science» and «Technology of production and processing of agricultural products» of the faculties of «Animal Science and Biology», «Correspondence education» and «Technological faculty». The total number of courses assigned to the Department is about 124 units.

In 2014, the Department of Animal Feeding launched of master's program (MSc): «Modern technologies of complete animal nutrition and feed production». In 2015, the Department was equipped with 2 computer classes and installed a software complex «Feed Optima» for the preparation of animal feeding rations, there are 2 laboratories for animal feed analysis with modern equipment. On the basis of laboratories, laboratory classes are held annually with students and research is conducted by postgraduates and employees of the Department.

In 2019 to the present time the MSc program «Modern technologies of complete animal nutrition and feed production» (correspondence form) was opened in the major 36.04.02 «Animal Science».

Employees of the Department are actively involved in scientific work. Research results are present at international conferences, seminars, scientific summer schools in Russia and other country such as Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, France, Poland, Egypt, Slovenia, Portugal, China, Kazakhstan, United States to academic and farms society.

Training of highly qualified personnel (PhD program) in the major 36.06.01 «Veterinary and Animal Science» – Feed Production, feeding of farm animals and feed technology. Nowadays 12 persons are enrolled in the postgraduate program, including 4 citizens of foreign countries – Syria, Iraq and Eritrea.

The Department has a student scientific society named after Ivan S. Popov ( which students annually participate in international and foreign conferences (Student science, Agricultural education and science in the XXI century: challenges and problems of development, RSAU-MАA named after K.A. Timiryazev in 2015-2020, etc.) and became winners in various scientific competitions.

The Department annually hosts an international Summer school on the program «Modern technologies of complete animal nutrition and feed production». It is attended by leading experts in the field of animal feed and nutrition of various research scientific institutions, Universities as the Russia as well foreign scientists (Germany, France, USA, etc.).

Agreements for the cooperation signed with leading Russian farms: APC «Plemzavod Maisky», Vologda region; FSUE "Poyma" of RAS, Moscow region, etc. and research institutes: FSC ARRTPI RAS, SBI SCBT FMBA of Russia, FWRC FPA, L.K. Ernst Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry and others.

For development the scientific and practical base of the Department, agreements were signed on scientific and technical cooperation of the Department with the companies «Biotrof» LLC, «Agro-Matic» LLC, «Lafed» LLC and «Sibbiofarm» LLC PA.

The branches of the Department established on the basis of the FWRC FPA (Lobnya, Moscow Region), the L.K. Ernst Federal Science Center for Animal Husbandry (Dubrovitsy, Moscow Region) and LLC «Eurofins agro Testing Wageningen BI.VI.» (Netherlands).

Training in the courses of the Department in Russian language.


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